Plant Root cells

Roots functions : Absorb water and nutrients. Anchoring
the plant to the ground. Store food. Some type of plant's
roots go as for as more than 50 m into the ground. Some
types of plants have roots above the ground.E.g. Money
plant, mangrove genera trees etc.

Plant Root.  Magnification 450 times.
Plant Root. Magnification 450 times.

Root Cells
This photo shows the Root Cells. Root hairs are in the left

Tip of the root
Tip of the root. Magnification 450 times.

Root cells
Root cells.

Root cells
Root Cells.

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Plant species to keep soil healthy.
-Lancaster University.

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Diane AZ said...

First time I've ever seen roots magnified,they're interesting. I also like the spiral shapes in the previous post.