Micro Life Forms In The Water - Micro organisms.

The Micro Zoo.(Or Micro Aquarium)
Micro organisms.
Micro Life Forms In The water(Waste Drain Water).
There are many life forms living in the water.
Some moves faster. It's interesting to watch them.
Some looks like drinking the water, when they are
collecting food.
The study of microorganisms is called microbiology.

(Note: I am not a Microbiologist and the interpretations of the
following photos may not be accurate)

Micro organisms

Micro organism - looks like water bear.
Magnification - 750 times.
Water Bear - Link -

I don't know what is this thing is. It has an interesting
starfish like structure.

Magnification - 750 Times

Visual Appeal
Converted microscope images.

Intresting Facts ❗  😃

➽  Scientists found  bacteria, almost two miles beneath the Earth's surface in a gold mine .The source of the hydrogen needed for their respiration comes from the decomposition of water by radioactive decay of uranium etc.
➽  Which bacteria choose to take up residence in your gut is determined, in part, by your genes.
➽  The bacteria that live on and in our bodies make countless molecules. Some of those molecules might make drugs for treatment.

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L. D. Burgus said...

I assume if you drink from a stream that one could get some of these things included.

Arasu said...

L. D. Burgus
Thank you for your comment.

The number and type of micro organisms present in the water,depends upon the source and nature of the water.This specimen of water was taken from dirty water.

Ratty said...

I have always been interested in things like this. I would go get a microscope myself, but I had to limit my interests to nature related to outdoors and hiking. Seeing places like your blog enable me to get some of this too though now.

Arasu said...

Thank you for your comment.

Diane AZ said...

Your microscope pictures are beautiful like abstract art. Interesting how basic patterns of nature can be found in large and small scale.

Arasu said...

Diane AZ
Thank you for your comment.

Thérèse said...

It reminds me of "The miracle of water" from Masaru Emoto...

Arasu said...


Thank you for your comment.