Fish Cells - Animal Cells

Fish Cells - Animal Cells
Difference between animal cells and plant cells
Plant cells have cell walls made out of cellulose. The animal
cells don't have cell walls. They have cell membrane.
Plant cells have chloroplasts and large vacuoles. The
animal cells have small vacuoles.

Fish Cells- Animal Cells
Fish Cells. Magnification - 100 times.

Fish Cells- Animal Cells

Pigments in the Fish
Pigments in the Fish



L. D. Burgus said...

I never got to have enough time on the microscope when I was in school. I could have spent hours exploring rather than the short lab time that we had. Thanks for sharing these marvelous shots.

Diane AZ said...

These fish cells are delightful. The third one looks like pearls!

Arasu said...

L. D. Burgus
Diane AZ

Thank you for your comments.