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Nobel Prize - Chemistry
(DATE: 8/2009)

Three scientists won the Nobel prize for chemistry - Americans Dr.Ramakrishnan (Indian born) and Thomas Steitz and Israeli Ada Yonath.
It's for producing maps of ribosome (cell part). It helps the development of new antibiotics.(to fight diseases)

Big ring around the planet Saturn
(Date: 8/2009)

The planet Saturn has beautiful rings around it. Now, a big sized ring has discovered by astronomers. It starts about six million km from Saturn and extends to 12 million km. It's the largest ring identified in the solar system till to date.


L. D. Burgus said...

I had a first cousin who was on a team that won a nobel peace prize, for their work on medicines to reverse dwarfism growth. It was a long time ago. He was Roger Burgus and he worked at the Salk Institute there in California with a team of scientist.

Arasu said...

L. D. Burgus
Thank you for your comment.
The scientists, by their research and inventions help our humanity to progress. It's a best thing to have one of them as your relative.