Paper - Plain and printed.

The edge of the paper (torn). Magnification - 100 times.
The paper is produced with cellulose fibers obtained
from wood, grass etc.

Brown paper surface. Magnification - 450 times.

White paper surface. The smooth paper looks rough,
when magnified. Magnification - 100 times.

The edge of the paper. Magnification - 100 times.

Printed paper
Printed paper.(High quality paper). The beautiful
pictures look like these under the microscope!
Magnification - 100 times.

Printed paper
Printed paper.(Low quality paper).
Magnification - 100 times.

Red glitter ink on the paper.

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L. D. Burgus said...

There are really many dots per square inch. That is very interesting. The early ones of paper would make a good axis for an abstract painting.

Diane AZ said...

These are remarkable. The rough white paper surface and edge of paper prove that there is so much more to things than our eyes can see.