Crystal Landscape - Salt Crystals

Salt CrystalsMagnified to 450 Times
Salt Crystals (Sodium Chloride - NaCl)
Magnified to 450 Times.

salt crystals. Magnification - 100 Times
Some salt crystals look like pyramids!
Magnification - 100 Times.

salt crystals
Magnification - 100 times.

Salt crystals Magnified to 100 Times
Salt Crystals. Magnification - 100 times.

Salt crystals. Magnification - 100 times.
(The space around the salt crystals removed
to enhance the viewing)
Powdered Salt
Powdered Salt.
Magnification - 50 times.

About Salt (Sodium Chloride)

           Molecular formula of sodium is NaCl.(Sodium and
chlorine). It's melting point is  801 °C (1474 °F). It have a
Cubic Crystal structure. Salt is  produced by evaporation
of seawater and  Mining of rock salt.
          The top  producers are  China , United States , Germany,
India and Canada. Salt is used in oil and gas exploration, in
textiles and dyeing industry, in processing metals like aluminium,
copper, in water softening etc. Salt is used  for the production of
many chemicals.

Snowflakes - Electron microscope images.

Visual Appeal
Converted microscope images

How big is the 100 times magnification ?
About Salt - Link- NASA
About Salt -Link- Schools-Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pictures! With some fancy salt, the pyramids are big enough to see with the naked eye.

Arasu said...

Thank you for your comment.