About this Blog

This is a microscope photography blog.
This Blog is authored by EZHILAN with the
help of my son. (High School Student).
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For Whom?
This blog is useful for general audience - for the
persons who have interest in science, and the
persons who have curious minds and a sense

of wonder.
Some ordinary things have interesting structures
and textures, when magnified. Have a look at
them. Here you can see photos of different types
of thinks through the microscope.

Links to other websites are provided to know more
about the subjects.

This is not a professional science blog. Please
verify with other sources for accurate information.

Have a sense of wonder!
There are lots of interesting things around us.
As children we have a sense of wonder and curiosity
to know and to see about many things. But as we
grow we have lost that sense of wonder. We should
rekindle those interests to enrich our lives.


All Contents(photos and images) are original; they
are taken by me and belongs to this blog.

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The magnification (100,450 etc.) represents the
image, when we see through the microscope.

If you want to buy photos, (Photos for book publishing)
please contact me.

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Most of the photos have the 2048 x 1536 size(original full size).
It's possible to take some photos to the size of 2592 x 1993,
but the visible image will become smaller. I think
2048 x 1536
enough. There are some limitations in the microscopic photography
unlike normal photography.

This blog contains general microscope images (micrographs).

All Contents(photos and images) are original and
Have a nice time!

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